Two In Billions

I think that I am weird. You think that you are the same way. You think that you are a loner. I share your sentiment. When we happen to find each other, in a crowd of billions, on one of those lucky days, our inexplicable and invisible connections create instant sparks that will keep usContinue reading “Two In Billions”

Parents And Their Grudges

Within a family, parents should honor the importance of communication. Children are active observers. If parents hold grudges against each other, children are the ones, who suffer the most!

Holiday Illusion

If you are single like me, who will spend the holidays away from our loved ones, it is so easy for us to feel the holiday blue when we are out and about. The sight of lovers holding hands with each other can potentially trigger our deepest sadness. We see, feel and assume. This isContinue reading “Holiday Illusion”

Perfect Relationship

Society likes to dictate what a perfect relationship is. According to author, Jesse Nichols, we should not allow others’ idea of what a perfect relationship is to influence our own. Jesse says that a perfect relationship is individually defined. When we find a partner, with whom we can be ourselves with no pretense of anyContinue reading “Perfect Relationship”