Playing The Comparison Game

Recently, I had a conversation with my mom, during which I let her know the education system and societal environment that I grew up in deprived me a sense of free-spiritedness. It was a difficult yet honest confession that was needed at the time to bring new understandings into our distant relationship. Throughout my growingContinue reading “Playing The Comparison Game”

Youth Isn’t The Diamond In The Sun

My mom loves beauty and fashion. Knowing what her interests are, I purposely sent her the video recording of latest Chanel fashion show to her social media account yesterday. After watching the entire show, she commented, ” Look at all these beautiful models. They are like the cream of the crop. Their youth is likeContinue reading “Youth Isn’t The Diamond In The Sun”


Boys talk about girls. Girls talk about boys. Boys talk about boys. Girls talk about girls. Human sexual attraction is natural. Using human sexual attraction as a joke material to lighten up the room is culturally acceptable. That being said, if every other sentence of ours is about how to hook up, where to pickContinue reading “One-dimensional”

Techniques Of Conversing With Strangers

As students, we went to school to learn the tangible, analytical, hard skills, and to obtain various degrees or certificates, required for fruition of our professional dreams. As adults, we do our best in spare time to improve the intangible, soft skills, such as creative thinking, leadership, and interpersonal communication. It is my belief thatContinue reading “Techniques Of Conversing With Strangers”