When personal space is severely lacking in Hong Kong, rooftop seems to be the only retreat, where one can find some peace and quiet amidst the concrete jungle

On My Way To Concrete Jungle

I love enjoying the architectural shape of Royal Ontario Museum from the distance. Its contemporary eccentricity mixes in well with the upscale elegance of Yorkville, one of the neighborhoods in Toronto, where the rich and famous resides. As Oscar Wilde said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Although Royal Ontario Museum’s crystal edificeContinue reading “On My Way To Concrete Jungle”

Alluringly Nostalgic Smile

Do you smile often? Do I smile often? I don’t, but used to, would love to do it more often though. Living in a big city, what we are in need of the most is neither money nor affluence, rather, a simple smile. Majority of people in the big city don’t smile. If I weren’tContinue reading “Alluringly Nostalgic Smile”