A Business War: Taxi Driver Vs. Uber

The business war between taxicab and Uber has been raging for a long time in Toronto. More and more, it seems like this business war is on a steady escalation ever since it was started from day one. In Toronto today, the taxi drivers are organizing a city wide massive protest, by purposely slowing downContinue reading “A Business War: Taxi Driver Vs. Uber”

Real Smile

Sitting in front of my laptop and watching my favorite reality competition shows on YouTube, I oftentimes catch myself smiling with some of the show contestants, who have been a winner of their respective challenges. I smile with them, because I know how difficult it is to be a stand out in the crowd. IContinue reading “Real Smile”

Personal Edge

Are you happy with yourself? I am not, just yet. In a world, where self-love is being preached constantly, I feel and understand the need to love myself. That being said, like many things in life, it’s easier for the preachers to declare their statement, it’s harder for us, the practitioners, to implement it inContinue reading “Personal Edge”

Brotherly Love (Alexandre Bilodeau & Frédéric)

Canadian moguals skiing gold medalist, Alexandre Bilodeau, embraced his older brother, Frédéric,  who suffers from cerebral paralysis, after winning the first place in his competition at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.