Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians

Canada’s main political party leaders are headed into their final debate on this Friday evening before October 19th, the chosen federal election date. Political campaigns are at times like a series of soap opera, which are oftentimes filled with attacks, backstabbing, badmouthing, revelations, and endless dramas. In general, people tend to laugh at actors, whoContinue reading “Canada’s Election 2015 Actors=Politicians”

Personal Edge

Are you happy with yourself? I am not, just yet. In a world, where self-love is being preached constantly, I feel and understand the need to love myself. That being said, like many things in life, it’s easier for the preachers to declare their statement, it’s harder for us, the practitioners, to implement it inContinue reading “Personal Edge”

Another Celebrity Wannabe, Paulina Gretzky

   Another celebrity wannabe, who is trying hard to make a name for herself, by living off her famous last name. If she weren’t born with a famous last name, Gretzky, she’d be just another not bad looking blond girl in a million. Her famous last name has not only given her an easier startContinue reading “Another Celebrity Wannabe, Paulina Gretzky”

Refashion Excellence

Last Wednesday, I listened to a guest speaker, who talked passionately about being the best we could ever be in life. She considered our best self as an embodiment of our own definition of excellence. In the Q&A part of her presentation, I posed a such question, ” you emphasized repeatedly the importance of beingContinue reading “Refashion Excellence”

Live Your Life

Live your life!!! How many times do we have to be told in order to put these words into our daily practice? Quite often, the seemingly simplest things can be the hardest things to do. At least in my own personal experiences, this is case. Live your life, without the constant, self-inflicted, egotistic comparison toContinue reading “Live Your Life”