A Poet’s Decision

Last night I met a poet, who worked in IT and considered writing poetry one of the few ways, through which he could interact with a larger group of people. I wanted to make him feel welcome in an environment, with which I was familiar. He reciprocated my courtesy by being actively engaged in ourContinue reading “A Poet’s Decision”

Black History Month In Canada

February is Black History Month in Canada. In this month, all Canadians are called to recognize, honor and celebrate, collectively, the contributions that Black Canadians have made for this country on both of the national and international levels. One of the key reasons why a month of this type was designated in the first placeContinue reading “Black History Month In Canada”

Can Act Of Caring Be Used As An Excuse By Parents?

When we reach a certain age in our young adulthood, many of our parents will start bugging us with the importance of marriage. Some do it in an obvious way, while others can get the same message across in a subtle manner. In my own case, the message has been quite conflicting. On one hand,Continue reading “Can Act Of Caring Be Used As An Excuse By Parents?”