Silent Communication

The way we walk, the way we sit, the way we carry ourselves are all indicative of the amount of confidence that we have on the inside. First impression is the first communication that we have with each other. Although it is non-verbal in most cases; however, we can learn a lot about each otherContinue reading “Silent Communication”

You Know…Uh…

Communication is important. It is particularly so when we have something to sell or promote. Knowledge and communication are like a pair of inseparable couple, one can’t succeed without depending on the other. Often time, what causes friction between them isn’t anything else but the avoidable verbal pause fillers. While listening to a radio interviewContinue reading “You Know…Uh…”

Why Did I Even Care

As I look back on our younger years, I tend to wonder why I gave a damn on certain people and experiences in my life. Why did I try so hard to please that particular person, knowing well at the back of my head that we didn’t have the chemistry to be friends? Why didContinue reading “Why Did I Even Care”

An Inquiry Without Hello

Nature is magical and unpredictable. In just 24 hours, a twenty degree Monday had been completely replaced by a minus nine, snowy Tuesday, as it had had been this windy and cold all along. A proper Canadian spring is long overdue. While lying in bed earlier today, I checked the email inbox of the organization,Continue reading “An Inquiry Without Hello”

Dinner With Mr. Know It All

On last Friday evening, I had dinner with a Mr. Know it all. The experience was anything else but enlightening. It was frankly quite boring, to say the least. There were four people at the table. Mr. Know it all started his talk by engaging predominantly with one senior person that he deemed was worthContinue reading “Dinner With Mr. Know It All”

Present Predicament

I argued with my parents last night. It wasn’t because that we weren’t close; no! It wasn’t because that arguing is something that we enjoy doing when there’s nothing else to do in out spare time, no! It was because of a person, who’s been handling a very important business of ours for more thanContinue reading “Present Predicament”

Parents And Their Grudges

Within a family, parents should honor the importance of communication. Children are active observers. If parents hold grudges against each other, children are the ones, who suffer the most!

Event Afterthought

How to ensure a successfully run event? The answer is simple, beforehand communication from the event organizer with every helper of the event, in a thorough, clear, and concise manner, is the key. If the event has a host, both of the event organizer and the host should be fully clear on the entire runContinue reading “Event Afterthought”

The Power Of Genuine Curiosity

Genuine Curiosity helps us surpass the initial anxiety, and pushes us to gravitate towards enthusiasm, the synergy of which invigorates the idea flow of a pleasant verbal communication.~Torontobaobao