A Point In Life

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life, where it seems like people around you are moving on with their lives one way or another, and you are the only one, who is turning in a circle, not knowing how your future is going to unfold? I am at such a point currentlyContinue reading “A Point In Life”

Define Coincidence

How is coincidence defined? To me, it is a moment of random harmony. There are moments in life that we just happen to run into that someone, with whom we feel connected instantly. There are moments in life that we just happen to go past a scene, where randomly placed objects seem to work inContinue reading “Define Coincidence”

A Teenage Crush

Teenage crush is fun. Teenage crush is cute. Teenage crush is a sweet memory that I will forever cherish. When I was a teenager, I had a huge crush on a girl in school. She wasn’t the prettiest. She wasn’t smartest. But she just had that “It” factor that other prettier and smarter girls didn’tContinue reading “A Teenage Crush”