How Are You? Fine…Really???

“How are you?” “Good! And you?” “Do you really want to know?” I haven’t been honest in telling people; in particular with my family, how I truly feel for a while. This is neither due to the reason that I don’t have the desire to share with them my feelings nor due to my impressionContinue reading “How Are You? Fine…Really???”

Cold Day Q&A

Today is another freezing day in the beautiful city of Toronto. Although the sun is shining and the air is crisp; however, it is still hard not to be bogged down by the minus double digit temperature. When the day is cold, we long for a warm paradise. When the day is warm, we longContinue reading “Cold Day Q&A”


We all know that the higher we climb, the more pressure we feel. Despite all the foreseeable discomfort and uneasiness, we still aim for the sky. Why? Is it because we want to demonstrate to the world our determination? Is it because we are taken over by our passion and enthusiasm? Or, is it becauseContinue reading “Upwards”

Someone, Who’s Got It All

I walked past these statues the other day. I still don’t know in whose images that they are made out of.  One thing is for certain. These statues are supposed to replicate images of beings, either human or divine, with a high esteem. In today’s image-obsessed world, Hollywood celebrities are the ones that are givenContinue reading “Someone, Who’s Got It All”

A Long Stair

We’ve all heard many describe life as a roller-coaster ride. I, at times, think it is more like a climb on a long stair that trails its path in a continuous upward and downward motion. Ride implies the smoothness of a journey, while climb denotes of a sense of manual labor and personal effort. HowContinue reading “A Long Stair”

Giving Up Opportunity Voluntarily

If others give you an opportunity, grab it! This is what most of us have been told. What if, just what if after we grabbed the opportunity by the horn and soon found out that we are incompetent to use this opportunity to its fullest potentials, should we give it up voluntarily? Earlier this year,Continue reading “Giving Up Opportunity Voluntarily”

Donation Doesn’t Have To Be In Monetary Form

  In recent years, streets of Toronto are filled with donation collectors for various hospitals and charities. Their aggressive way of approaching passerby to ask for donation has turned many people off and away from this type of fundraising. I had been approached by several fundraisers before. Once they found out that I had notContinue reading “Donation Doesn’t Have To Be In Monetary Form”


When we were little, many clichés didn’t make sense to us. We were incapable of understanding why inner beauty was more important than the outer one. We couldn’t comprehend why a lot of adults said “living is not easy.” And, we didn’t know why many people felt so lonely in a world, of which wasContinue reading “Clichés”