Newly Found Direction

Going from not having a direction to having one is such a good feeling. Although the newly found direction can be equivalent to a personal compromise that is made in a situation, where the trajectory of life is in the hands of others; however, the new direction still provides direction seekers with a momentary comfort,Continue reading “Newly Found Direction”

The Sun

Last night at a public event, a lady was asked a generic question, “Who inspires you?” To which the lady gave an unconventional answer, “The sun.” Sun is always up in the sky when it is supposed to be there, whether or not we can spot it with our own eyes. In a world, whereContinue reading “The Sun”

Pencils In The Sky

I walked by an art school yesterday. I saw two pencils; pointed upwards, draw out a beautiful sunset in the sky. We use arts to express ourselves. We use arts to escape from mundaneness. We use arts to convey our fears. And we use arts to color the world with love. Looking upon the sunsetContinue reading “Pencils In The Sky”

Canadian Winter

Canadian winter is grand. Canadian winter is long. Canadian winter is epic. Not only well known for its bone-chilling effects, Canadian winter is also majestically beautiful. The pure and cotton like snow flakes are the nature’s way to inject a sense of wonder and a touch of magic to the lives of the busy andContinue reading “Canadian Winter”

Get The Body Moving

Nothing comes easy in this world. One way or another, we have to work for the things that we want. Among all the things that we go after, physical fitness is one of the most desirable. I’m tired of listening to all the commercials that promote unsustainable methods to obtain personal fitness. Commercial statements, suchContinue reading “Get The Body Moving”