La Brillance

Le soleil est brillant. La fumée est blanche. Le ciel est bleu. L’air est fraîche. Tous ces éléments là sont parfaitement contents de ce qu’ils sont. Jamais n’ont-ils le besoin de s’insulter ou de se rendre peu sûrs, à cause de beauté des autres. Très souvent, la raison pour laquelle nous, les être humains, quiContinue reading “La Brillance”

At The Distance

There are moments in life that we just stare at the distance. We do so in different places. Quite often, staring at distance isn’t something that is planned in advance. Rather, it is a result of us immersing with the ambiance, going with the flow of life, and also of the fleeting steps of theContinue reading “At The Distance”

A Tree’s Silhouette

What is so beautiful about the silhouette of a tree? Aside from its grandeur, it is the chaotic harmony that different tree branches have created that helps beautify the golden hour in a winter sky. There is a Native American saying, “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves.” At a time,Continue reading “A Tree’s Silhouette”

Harvesting Wisdom In The Valley

If our life journey was a walk in the park, if our life journey was a smooth sail on the sea, would we ever harvest any wisdom from it? I recently started to be interested in reading Bruce Lee’s quotes. I found them simple yet profound. Had he not faced and needed to overcome soContinue reading “Harvesting Wisdom In The Valley”

A Positive Outlook

A prerequisite of taking a good picture is having a good angle. A precondition of leading a good life is having a positive outlook. “Change the way we look at things, the things that we look at change,” says Wayne Dyer. Although having a positive outlook isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially whenContinue reading “A Positive Outlook”