Christmas Eve Contemplation 2014

Today is December 24th, 2014. It is the Christmas Eve in this beautiful city that I call home for more than a decade, Toronto. The weather is cloudy and drizzly. The atmospheric sogginess has completely swept away the whiteout tranquility that the city was gifted with by Mother Nature just a few weeks ago, makingContinue reading “Christmas Eve Contemplation 2014”

Don’t Be Rooted In The Past

Don’t be rooted in the past, but be grounded in the past. I like the word, nostalgia. In fact, I first learned this word while browsing through school French vocabularies. The word, nostalgia, is beautiful, just like the meaning that it is intended to convey. We tend to hold onto anything that’s beautiful. Hence whyContinue reading “Don’t Be Rooted In The Past”

Candle Luster

Candles don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. In this holiday season, you will likely come across many beautifully lit and wonderfully smelled candles. Have you noticed one thing about candles? They don’t lose their luster by lighting other candles. This is a gentle reminder to all of us the importance of sharing generouslyContinue reading “Candle Luster”

Holiday Illusion

If you are single like me, who will spend the holidays away from our loved ones, it is so easy for us to feel the holiday blue when we are out and about. The sight of lovers holding hands with each other can potentially trigger our deepest sadness. We see, feel and assume. This isContinue reading “Holiday Illusion”

The Past

The past can be memory that we cherish, and burden that we carry. Our face gets wrinkled by the fondness of the past. It also gets wrinkled by the heaviness of yesterday. Although the past happiness is precious, and the past heaviness is dreading; however, both of which have come to pass.   Today, mayContinue reading “The Past”