Blind Gossip

I discovered a Blind Gossip website yesterday. It is a celebrity gossip site that aims to expose and report, anonymously, the secret life of the rich and famous. The “blindness” nature of this site protects the site creators, as well as the scoop providers from potential lawsuits and other legal troubles, served by the accusedContinue reading “Blind Gossip”

Hollywood Aura

A stranger tapped me on the shoulder in the subway station this morning. I did not know him. He was someone with some disabilities in verbal communication and physical mobility. I turned around to look at his face for a second, I promptly said, “Hello!” then quickly wanted to move on. He tapped me onContinue reading “Hollywood Aura”

A Different Type Of Celebrity

There are certain celebrities, whose names alone can make you feel inspired and motivated. Michelle Kwan is one of them. Coming across an interview of hers on YouTube, accidentally, earlier this morning, not only was I once again made to reminisce about her past brilliance on ice, but I also was impacted profoundly by theContinue reading “A Different Type Of Celebrity”

See Through The Veneer

What is lacking in our world today? Some may say water. You may say good manners. He may say opportunities. She may say empathy. And I may say fairness. In our ordinary, nine to five type of world, it seems that a huge number of things that we consider to be scarce tend to beContinue reading “See Through The Veneer”

5 Seconds Of Summer

5 Seconds of Summer is the latest boy band, whose popularity rivals the one of One Direction. Pop song has always been an ageless fixture in my life. As someone, who appreciates the coolness and hipness that pop songs bring, isn’t it wrong for me, who’s no longer a teenager to still enjoy listening toContinue reading “5 Seconds Of Summer”

An Another Fallen Star

Yesterday, another Hollywood star had fallen. Whether we are celebrities or not, when we are recipient of the fame and glory in our respective field of accomplishment, our personal self-worth is conjured up to be the same equivalent of the brightness of our personal star. Nothing lasts forever. This is not a spiritual concept; rather,Continue reading “An Another Fallen Star”

Unfair Reality

Often wonder why so many opportunities are given to certain people in the public eyes, the likes of Lindsay Lohan, and crack consuming Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who are behaving badly and not necessarily being a good example to the general public. Some may argue that the reason why they are given so many opportunitiesContinue reading “Unfair Reality”

Tom Cruise Turns 52 & Has Aged

I saw this article title today, Tom Cruise Turns 52 Years Old But He Hasn’t Aged A Day. I couldn’t help myself but let out a sarcastic laugh. Does the writer, who came up with this title, honestly believe that us readers are clueless to what the reality is? Does this writer genuinely believe thatContinue reading “Tom Cruise Turns 52 & Has Aged”

Mixed Messages

Our society is an environment, in which mixed messages are being spread constantly. We tend to criticize one thing and to worship it seconds later. Is this social phenomenon a reflection of our innate human hypocritical nature? Hollywood socialites, the likes of Kim Kardashian, obtain their notoriety through their infamous personal acts by, for example,Continue reading “Mixed Messages”