Marchez Droit Devant

Marchez droit devant, même si personne ne vous voit. Marchez droit devant, même si vous êtes tout seul dans une immensité. Marchez droit devant, même si les parcours sont couverts du neige. Marchez droit devant, même si votre ombre est la seule compagne. Même si la présent condition est difficile, n’inquiétez pas! Dès que chacunContinue reading “Marchez Droit Devant”

A Pinwheel Toy

I saw a pinwheel toy in the snow in front of someone’s front yard this morning. The wheel, slowly and steadfastly, turned in the direction of the gentle winter breeze. I remembered that I used to have one of these toys in my childhood. I would carry it with me everywhere I went. To me,Continue reading “A Pinwheel Toy”

The Morning After

Sunday, this is the morning after 2015 Valentine’s Day. And it just happens to be perhaps the coldest day of the year. The temperature hovers around the minus twenty-three mark at its highest. Frigidity brings physical closeness. People hold on tight to each other not only for love and comfort, but also for instinctual survivalContinue reading “The Morning After”

Fight Against The Winter Blue

Living in a cold climate, it’s easy for me to catch people’s noticeable changes in behaviors as the season transitions from warm to cold. The typical winter day can either be gloomy and wet or sunny and cold. In a particular Canadian winter, where months of snow are always expected to make their free fall,Continue reading “Fight Against The Winter Blue”

Canadian Winter

Canadian winter is grand. Canadian winter is long. Canadian winter is epic. Not only well known for its bone-chilling effects, Canadian winter is also majestically beautiful. The pure and cotton like snow flakes are the nature’s way to inject a sense of wonder and a touch of magic to the lives of the busy andContinue reading “Canadian Winter”