So Smile

Having worked in customer service and to deal with others, who work in it on a daily basis, I often wonder what is one basic thing that I would always require my employees to do at work if I ever were put in a position to manage a bunch of people in this industry. NowContinue reading “So Smile”

See Through The Veneer

What is lacking in our world today? Some may say water. You may say good manners. He may say opportunities. She may say empathy. And I may say fairness. In our ordinary, nine to five type of world, it seems that a huge number of things that we consider to be scarce tend to beContinue reading “See Through The Veneer”

Present Predicament

I argued with my parents last night. It wasn’t because that we weren’t close; no! It wasn’t because that arguing is something that we enjoy doing when there’s nothing else to do in out spare time, no! It was because of a person, who’s been handling a very important business of ours for more thanContinue reading “Present Predicament”

Good Customer Service At Lush

Good customer service is essential to the survival of any business, especially in retail. I enjoy visiting Lush store. Not only because of the quality of most of the products is excellent, but also their store staffs are really friendly and knowledgeable about what they are selling. Generally speaking, young people make up majority ofContinue reading “Good Customer Service At Lush”

A Roller Coaster Ride

Experiencing something new is like riding a roller coaster. There are the ups, and the downs. The ups bring us excitingly new perspective. The downs demand us for needed self-contemplation and learning. To ride through the process and arrive at the final destination, faith, bravery and unwavering commitment are needed; in particular at times, whenContinue reading “A Roller Coaster Ride”