“Good relationships come not from being sincere and authentic but from the rituals we perform within them. Influence comes not from wielding power but from holding back. Excellence comes from what we choose to do, not our natural abilities. A good life emerges not from planning it out, but through training ourselves to respond wellContinue reading “Thought-provoking”

An Open Book

Making absolute statements is unrealistic, because none of us can lead entire life in one-sided extreme. Enough with the “I will never…”, because, though we have self-discipline and restraints, we can not predict when and where we will be forced into doing things that we had sworn that we would never partake in. We canContinue reading “An Open Book”

Creative Approach

To learn something new requires innovative approach. Like many things in life, one type of learning approach isn’t suitable for everyone. When it comes my studying, in particular my learning of French, I like to be pragmatic. In other words, I would like to learn the type of french that native-speakers use on a dailyContinue reading “Creative Approach”