Awesome Life Tip

Wonder what to get your loved one for Valentine’s Day? Having enough with the conventional, pocket-draining ideas, such as chocolates, red roses, and jewelries, how about returning to the basics by showing more care to the one, with whom you are involved in a intimate relationship? How about making the way, in which you conveyContinue reading “Awesome Life Tip”

Having More Than One Perspective

In those early years of my stay in Canada, I wished that I were born in this country. My desperation to assimilate into the mainstream society made me want to be rid of my foreign upbringing and everything that I’d learned along the way. A decade later, having gotten enough Canadian experiences under my belt,Continue reading “Having More Than One Perspective”

Friend With Ulterior Motive

There are real friends and fake friends. Real friends call us to give us well wishes with no ulterior motive. Fake friends call us to give us well wishes with the intention of manipulating us amicably for their own benefits. Yesterday was the second day of Lunar New Year. A friend of my parents’ calledContinue reading “Friend With Ulterior Motive”

The Oscars, A Popularity Contest?

Many Hollywood reporters liken Hollywood to high school. It is an environment, in which mostly superficial popularity prevails. According to a famed Canadian gossip blogger, what’s going on in Hollywood is very much like what’s happening at the lunch hour in a high school cafeteria. Different cliques would get together to gossip on each other.Continue reading “The Oscars, A Popularity Contest?”

Anecdote Of A Long Distance Romance

I have never been in a long distance relationship. Hence why I don’t know what it feels like exactly to be kept far away from the one that you love so much romantically. But, I do know the feeling of separation. My family and I have not been able to see, touch, and smell eachContinue reading “Anecdote Of A Long Distance Romance”

Superficial Physicality

Who do you think is the most beautiful woman or the most handsome man in the world? Every year, we all get to hear about who’s got on the most beautiful woman and the sexiest man alive lists. Do we, the public, honestly, think that all these people, who have make the final cut areContinue reading “Superficial Physicality”