Thought Of The Day

Love is beautiful. We can all agree on that. However, there is a time and a place for everything, including how and when it is appropriate to show love. Public display of affection is not unwelcome. If it is happening in a narrow space; more specifically, on a crowded street, where people are headed inContinue reading “Thought Of The Day”

Let Our Guard Down

Let our guard down to welcome in the world. Oftentimes, it is not case that strangers are cold-blooded individuals. The reason why we have this impression that they are is because that we view our surrounding and people in it through a pair of critical and judgmental lenses. We guard ourselves up so tightly withContinue reading “Let Our Guard Down”

Alluringly Nostalgic Smile

Do you smile often? Do I smile often? I don’t, but used to, would love to do it more often though. Living in a big city, what we are in need of the most is neither money nor affluence, rather, a simple smile. Majority of people in the big city don’t smile. If I weren’tContinue reading “Alluringly Nostalgic Smile”