I just saw a picture on Facebook. It featured an acquaintance of mine and his French bulldog puppy. He looked so happy in the picture, while the puppy came across as somewhat mischievous. I guess all puppies are all mischievous, to a certain degree, because they are not yet fully trained to follow the rulesContinue reading “BFF”

True Friends

Back in high school, my dad once overheard a phone conversation that I had with a good friend of mine, at the time. During the conversation, my friend and I used funny nicknames to address each other, which was something that my dad disapproved of and considered disrespectful. He whispered to me while I wasContinue reading “True Friends”


One of the major components in a healthy, and balanced friendship is reciprocity. Although most of us enjoy the act of giving; however, we are also into the pleasure of receiving. We may come into a friendship with differences, in terms of financial conditions, cultural and personal habits; we can never use excessively preexisting circumstancesContinue reading “Reciprocity”