I Despise My Own Arrogance

As I go along with my daily life, as I am gaining more self-confidence, I can’t help but also come to notice and to despise the increase of my arrogance. My arrogance usually manifests itself in the form of anger and judgment, which can be awakened, easily and irrationally, by the smallest things others doContinue reading “I Despise My Own Arrogance”


Fineness is in the details. Although many in today’s world are worshiping grandeur of all kinds as the standard of sexiness and attractiveness; however, it is the fineness of the small and the delicate that continues to exude a level of intricacy and attentiveness that nothing grandiose possesses. Grandeur isn’t indicative of true power andContinue reading “Fineness”


Being a trailblazer isn’t an easy task, because whoever takes on this particular role tends to be the one, who carries the weight of the world on the shoulders. Being a trailblazer is about debunking the stereotypes and setting good examples so that those, who come after, can have an aspiring model to look upContinue reading “Trailblazer”

How To Be Impressive

Being impressive at a particular task or in a special role is all about us putting in the hard work, while being who we are authentically. In so doing, we personify more vividly and embody more clearly that the “IT” factor that is uniquely our own. Many basketball players can play as well as MichaelContinue reading “How To Be Impressive”