Negative Self-talk

I feel sympathetic toward people, who look down on themselves. As someone, who self-criticizes often, I understand the frustration of having aspiration yet being incapable of obtaining it at the same time. Having negative self-talk is not fun, because who wants to suffer, while others are having the time of their lives all around us?Continue reading “Negative Self-talk”

Words Of Wisdom By Jason Dorsey

“Being public about our setbacks, failures and uppercuts to the chin makes us real. Sharing our mistakes and insecurities helps people to identify with us and feel more connected. Anyone can boast about success. It takes candid courage to publicly share the tough times between your high points, the less-than-stellar experiences that made you whoContinue reading “Words Of Wisdom By Jason Dorsey”

Brotherly Love (Alexandre Bilodeau & Frédéric)

Canadian moguals skiing gold medalist, Alexandre Bilodeau, embraced his older brother, Frédéric,  who suffers from cerebral paralysis, after winning the first place in his competition at the Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Speaking Is An Art

Speaking is an art. The choice of words is an art. The way, in which ideas get across to others, is an art. We have all hurt someone with our words before. If you have not, you are given an art of speech that you should be appreciative of. Art comes in many forms. RegardlessContinue reading “Speaking Is An Art”