Pencils In The Sky

I walked by an art school yesterday. I saw two pencils; pointed upwards, draw out a beautiful sunset in the sky. We use arts to express ourselves. We use arts to escape from mundaneness. We use arts to convey our fears. And we use arts to color the world with love. Looking upon the sunsetContinue reading “Pencils In The Sky”

A Moment On A Cold Day

As I walk past many beautiful houses in the city, I always wonder what they look like on the inside. Home is where the heart is. Having not been able to go back home for almost a decade, I often find my heart wandering endlessly and cluelessly in this mega big city. I love theContinue reading “A Moment On A Cold Day”

Feeling Blessed

Another day is winding down. As I took a walk in the Queen’s Park Circle, I was so taken by one after another picture-worthy scenes that were in front of me. Breathing in the crispness in the air, I felt blessed to have a role to play at this natural moment of wonder.