Inescapable Learning Curve

Be in the world but not of it is the principle that many people go by to lead a well balanced life. Be in the tube but do not get caught up in the number is the tip that many successful social media mavens share with the public on how to obtain a level ofContinue reading “Inescapable Learning Curve”

I Want To Be A Youtuber

I want to revamp my YouTube channel. I want to make it a success. However; my uneasiness of looking at myself in the video has not really served me well at the beginning of this renewed adventure. I am particularly critical of examining myself. From my eyes to my lips, from my facial expressions toContinue reading “I Want To Be A Youtuber”


Why is it that, in our human history, some people are more revered than the rest? Why is it that their words and ideas are more influential and life changing than others’? Is it all because of the fact that they are not afraid to speak from their hearts, refusing to stay dormant to theirContinue reading “Dormant”

Human Interpretation

Objects in nature are the way just they are. It is the human interpretation that makes them appear to be happy and sad, cheerful and lonely. Human beings love to interpret things. We refuse to take things at face value. We are told to see through the facade in order to discover the true story.Continue reading “Human Interpretation”

Harvesting Wisdom In The Valley

If our life journey was a walk in the park, if our life journey was a smooth sail on the sea, would we ever harvest any wisdom from it? I recently started to be interested in reading Bruce Lee’s quotes. I found them simple yet profound. Had he not faced and needed to overcome soContinue reading “Harvesting Wisdom In The Valley”

A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All

Today, I would like to write about an obvious yet neglected, an embarrassing yet enticing, a common yet bewildering, and a touching yet mockery-provoking subject, that is self-love. Self-love is not narcissism. Self-love isn’t the kind of excessive self-centeredness, exemplified so perfectly by countless bikini babes and shirtless hunks on Instagram. Self-love simply is, inContinue reading “A Pop Culturist’s Take On The Greatest Love Of All”

How To Be Impressive

Being impressive at a particular task or in a special role is all about us putting in the hard work, while being who we are authentically. In so doing, we personify more vividly and embody more clearly that the “IT” factor that is uniquely our own. Many basketball players can play as well as MichaelContinue reading “How To Be Impressive”

The Most Courageaous & Fearless

When are you the most courageous and fearless? Many of you would probably say that you are the most courageous and fearless when you are in a group, which is consisted of people that you know. I would say that I am the opposite, because I am the most courageous and fearless when I amContinue reading “The Most Courageaous & Fearless”

Authentically Expressive

I admire people, who dare to speak their mind honestly; a seemingly easy; yet, difficult thing to do. People, who speak their mind honestly are, at times, perceived as individuals without filter, who don’t know enough about measure of appropriateness, in terms of the time and the place for certain topics. In my opinion, contraryContinue reading “Authentically Expressive”

Feeling Out Of Place

Have you ever felt like a stranger in your own culture? I have, and don’t know why. I was born and grew up in the same culture. Strangely enough, I am more curious in the culture of others’ than mine. Maybe I am bored by the lack of ethnic diversities in my own culture; maybeContinue reading “Feeling Out Of Place”