Kick Him Out

We all know that to move forward, we have to let go of the past. We also know that to fully savor a brand new day, we have to come to terms with things that are not in our control. What if, over the course of our trying to let go of the past andContinue reading “Kick Him Out”

A Light Stroke In The Sky

As I look up at the blue sky, I am amazed by the appearance of the cottony white clouds. They are spread across the blue sky like what comes after a paint brush, having been lightly stroked across a crystal blue background. Many things that are worth of our showing of appreciation and gratitude forContinue reading “A Light Stroke In The Sky”

Thank You

Most of people have heard Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream speech. He used dreams to express his hopes and aspirations for the future. If you were given a chance to announce to the public of today’s world one simply dream of yours, what would it be? If I were given a chanceContinue reading “Thank You”


Many people love using “Old-timey” to describe things that they consider to be uninteresting and out of date. Admittedly, I am one of those people, who does that. That being said, nowadays, I am not so inclined to get involved in any kind of old-shaming, because of the fact that I have realized that manyContinue reading “Old-timey”

Learning To Appreciate Small Things In Life

In Toronto, many people complain about the public transit. Although what we are dealing with in our metropolis is an aging public transit system; however, it is still good and efficient after all. Three years ago, while studying in Montreal, my experience with its public transit system made me appreciate what we had in TorontoContinue reading “Learning To Appreciate Small Things In Life”

Extremely Touching Words From The Late Steve Jobs To His Wife

Translation: “We didn’t really know each other twenty years ago. We were guided by our intuition. You have transported me on a little cloud. It snowed when we got married in Ahwahnee. Years have passed, children have arrived. There have had good moments, difficult moments, never bad moments. Our love has lasted and has grown.Continue reading “Extremely Touching Words From The Late Steve Jobs To His Wife”

One-sided Kindness

The moment when we start to feel obligated to do things that we are not obligated to for someone else, is this the right time to stop doing it? In life, we, at times, feel compelled to assist others in certain endeavor, because we, ourselves, have personally experienced its various life-improving benefits and hence wouldContinue reading “One-sided Kindness”

Season Of Real Test Of Self-love

Do you really appreciate you for who you are? Do you really love being yourself? Now the weather is warm and humid, your love for yourself is being put to the real test. If you are one of those people, who feels jealous of some random stranger in the public, because the physical attributes ofContinue reading “Season Of Real Test Of Self-love”

Monday, Lundi, Quote

We can all live out every aspect of ourselves, in this lifetime, to the fullest, only once in an eternity. Knowing that, why, then, do we spend so much time, trying to be a copycat of others and not appreciating this unique experience that we have in between our hands?~Torontobaobao