Je me demande souvent comment certaines personnes ont pu réaliser quelque chose d’extraordinairement difficile aux yeux des autres. Est-il grâce à leur persévérance au moment de difficulté? Ou, leur réussite n’est qu’une récompense cultivée sacrément et longuement par la tranquillité d’esprit qu’ils se tiennent à cœur? Je n’en pas sûr. Quoi qu’il en soit, leContinue reading “Monsieur”

Try Your Dream

I came across this aspiration quote the other day on a notebook cover, which contained a grammatical error. Although it was not perfectly written; however, I understood the message that it intended to convey. I read a Facebook self-confession the other day, in which the writer reflected on the impossibility of being a perfectionist-“I’m prettyContinue reading “Try Your Dream”

I Miss Canada

As I walk the streets of Hong Kong, I constantly feel the need to speed up my pace. Work gets done with upmost efficiency here. All types of dreams seem to begin and come to pass in an instant in this city. One blink of an eye can easily make us lose sight of somethingContinue reading “I Miss Canada”