Spring Garden

It is so refreshing to see people, who are so unapologetic and sure of who they are. In being so, they make a good life for themselves. No matter who we are and where we are from, there are times in life that we don’t feel confident, showing the world who we truly are. WeContinue reading “Spring Garden”

Mom’s Visit To America

Once we live at a place for long, inevitably, most of us will start to take things for granted and be numb to the good, the bad, and the ugly. At times, an outsider’s pure observation is what is needed to remind us again of the reality and to wake us up from our numbness.Continue reading “Mom’s Visit To America”

Love Is Blind

Love is blind. These three words tellingly capture the inexplicable nature of a loving state. Whether it’s one’s love for another human or place, the tingling feeling that comes from being poked by the sword of Aphrodite is hard to resist. I love Toronto. The freedom felt in the air and the clearness seen inContinue reading “Love Is Blind”