A Separation of Aspiration and Reality

Internet is a no man’s land. It can also be a landscape, in which accidental connection can be established and miraculous bond can be built. people seek connection, and understanding more than ever in today’s world, where the entanglement of technological wires can leave us distracted, lead us astray, and where a split of secondsContinue reading “A Separation of Aspiration and Reality”

A Reason To Labor My Exhaustion Till The End

Today is a heavy day. I feel like a true adult today, because life’s ups and downs, hard decisions, and unfairness have genuinely weighed me down and pushed my spirit deep in the rut. In times of frustration and uneasiness, all of my childhood aspirations and principles that I set for myself can easily beContinue reading “A Reason To Labor My Exhaustion Till The End”

The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood

We are in the beginning of August; a time, where countless people are still enjoying their summer time off. Having not had a real vacation for a long time, I have almost forgotten what is like to be fully soaked up in the summer vibe, worry free. I have tried hard to soak up theContinue reading “The Biggest Challenge In Adulthood”

Innocent Playground

I don’t think that childhood is the best time in a person’s life. What makes many people think that way is perhaps because, as children, we play in the moment without allowing the past and the future anxieties to haunt us and to steal the joy, which makes us over the moon, away from ourContinue reading “Innocent Playground”

Dance Freely

In kindergarten, I used to dance a lot. As one of the ‘principle’ dancers throughout my kindergarten career, I was able to hold onto this admirable status as I progressed from one grade to another. I loved dancing. But I didn’t know why. Now looking back on it, I’ve realized that my kindergarten dance madeContinue reading “Dance Freely”

Honesty Between Parents And A Child

Is honesty the best policy in between a child and his parents? In childhood, I believe that it is. In adulthood, I doubt it. As a child, we were constantly learning. Like a sponge, we absorbed everything that our parents taught us. We took our parents’ teachings as gospels that not a single word spokenContinue reading “Honesty Between Parents And A Child”