Darkened City Street

Walking in the darkened city street, I feel the soul of the city. Not every beautiful city needs to be like Paris, just like not every beautiful person needs to be either blond and blue-eyed or dark and tall. Every city is individually unique, as it is for every person on Earth. Be in loveContinue reading “Darkened City Street”


We all know that the higher we climb, the more pressure we feel. Despite all the foreseeable discomfort and uneasiness, we still aim for the sky. Why? Is it because we want to demonstrate to the world our determination? Is it because we are taken over by our passion and enthusiasm? Or, is it becauseContinue reading “Upwards”

Un Pittoresque Moment

Il y a une raison, pour laquelle j’adore m’habiter à Toronto. L’atmosphère artistique de cette ville, qui se flotte dans l’air et se trouve partout au public, m’inspire inopinément. Il y en a toute sorte de beauté ici. Les graffitis et les petits détails des peintures sur les murs, la diversité démographique, les pittoresques moments,Continue reading “Un Pittoresque Moment”

Feeling Blessed

Another day is winding down. As I took a walk in the Queen’s Park Circle, I was so taken by one after another picture-worthy scenes that were in front of me. Breathing in the crispness in the air, I felt blessed to have a role to play at this natural moment of wonder.

A Question

All the beauties around me oftentimes amaze me. It is unfortunate that I rarely slow down my steps to appreciate their presence. I’m like many others in this metropolis, who reluctantly cover up their authentic desires just to avoid some weird gazes in the streets. Do we live for ourselves or for those that weContinue reading “A Question”