Different Circumstances=Different Decisions

People make choices. Oftentimes, the decisions that people make are determined by the different circumstances that they are under. My lived experiences and others’ life stories have REALLY made me look at the limits of human capacities differently; whether or not the saying, such as if we can dream it we can achieve it, isContinue reading “Different Circumstances=Different Decisions”

One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands

Have you ever been told that you are too ugly for something particular that captures your heart? Maybe not… maybe not in such a harsh language. That being said, I think that all of us have been told by some stranger, families, friends, even our inner self, at some point of our lives, that weContinue reading “One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands”

Virtue=An Endless Waiting Game

What’s with a mother’s instinct? Just by noticing a change of the social media profile picture, It can let the mom know what her child is going through on the inside, all the unspoken setback and frustration that her child is confronting, singlehandedly? I wonder often if it is a sound idea to be separatedContinue reading “Virtue=An Endless Waiting Game”

Value & Importance Of The Goal-achieving Process

As I am striding up and down on the stair master machine, I am reminded, again, of the value and the importance of the goal-achieving process. What makes the process memorable is the amount of consistency that we need to be committed to in taking those long steps in order to arrive at the finalContinue reading “Value & Importance Of The Goal-achieving Process”

Real-life Examples

Finding motivation to help us stay committed to a goal isn’t difficult. All we need to do is to be attentive and observant to our surrounding. Statistics and numbers won’t bring us the sense of relatability that we seek in real-life examples, with which we use to encourage ourselves. In our daily life, there areContinue reading “Real-life Examples”