Au revoir 2016

Au revoir 2016, c’est la dernière soirée que tu n’es d’ici qu’avec moi. Tu m’as tant changé tout au long de ton séjour, et Je n’en suis pas sûr s’il était pour le meilleur ou pour le pire. Au revoir 2016, c’est le temps de partir pour toi. En ayant voyagé avec toi, j’ai exploréContinue reading “Au revoir 2016”

Christmas Eve 2016

Another year has come and gone. Many of us have learned to go with the flow. We can’t help but ask ourselves at times, “what have I learned by being in sync with life?” At year end, we like to reflect on what has come to pass, because we are made to believe that onlyContinue reading “Christmas Eve 2016”

Early Morning Thought

Creating a family isn’t easy. Maintaining it is even harder. Maneuvering family dynamics is not a child’s play; as a matter of fact, the longer I live with my own, understanding its embedded dynamics, the more I feel like there’s a mandatory course needed in every school to teach all members of the society howContinue reading “Early Morning Thought”