The Ones Who Are Meant For Us


What do you think of when you see the quote, written on top of the attached image?

Many of you may instantly think of a person, with whom you are involved in an intimate relationship. After all, this is what the image is trying project to its readers.

In my case, for some personal reasons, this quote reminds me of my parents, and my grandparents. Most of us have a tendency of showing our best personal traits to people that we barely know; strangers, who can care less about us, but to “torture” people, who love us the most, in an unconditional way, with the worst qualities of all. I, included, have found myself so ashamed of behaving like a brat in front of my family, but acting like a charming prince in the public.

Relationship partners will change. They may come and go. Parents and grandparents are irreplaceable.  They are truly what we should cherish the most in life.

Our parents and grandparents are the ones, who will always be there to encourage us to be our best, and will still love and accept us at our worst.

Live Your Life


Live your life! Have you been able to do it so far? It takes tremendous amount of discipline, courage and perseverance to lead an authentic life. As challenging and demanding as it seems, many just can not resist the feeling of being truly satisfied and fulfilled at the very bottom of their soul. It may very well be because of this irresistible feeling that they have chosen to live a life of their own wishes.

A Dreamy Reality


“Make your life a dream, and a dream, a reality.”- Antoine de Saint Exupéry How many of us have this aspiration for ourselves? I certainly do! I love having dreams. Because dreaming provides me with the necessary motivating force, propelling me to go after what I want for myself in this life time. Whether it be visualizing a life of dream or creating a reality out of a dreamy blueprint, intuitive efforts and physical labors are required. Having the knowings that you are not the only one, who has to conquer obstacles in order to live your dream will chase the loneliness away.