Thinking Of You

Who are you thinking of today? For many aboriginal people in Canada, they are thinking of their missing daughters. Reports on missing aboriginal women in Canada are so frequent lately that it seems almost impossible not to be angered by this sad and frustrating reality, and be confronted with the emotional turmoil that so manyContinue reading “Thinking Of You”

Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos

Not too long ago, decision made by social media companies, such as Instagram and Facebook, to delete pictures that contained exposure of a female nipple or photographic portrayal of a breastfeeding moment caused a huge controversy online. Many women, especially those, who were mothers, were outraged by this decision. In their opinions, breastfeeding a childContinue reading “Facebook Allows Breastfeeding Photos”

Sexual Consent

Canadian national debate on the issues of sexual assault, sexual violence, and sexual consent is very much in the front and centre these days. Fallout from the disgraced Canadian radio personality Jian Ghomeshi’s sex scandal has galvanized the entire country. As pointed out just yesterday on a Canadian talk show, a student from Harvard UniversityContinue reading “Sexual Consent”

Leaders Should Lead, In All Ways

Adults are supposed to be modeling good behaviors. Adults are supposed to be setting good examples for youngsters to emulate. As someone, who’s been following the Toronto Mayoral race debates, I am appalled and disappointed by some of the revelatory instances over the course of these past few weeks. 1) Bad choice of words/Name calling.Continue reading “Leaders Should Lead, In All Ways”

Where Is The Equality? Where Is The Support?

There are people with different colors of skin complexion in this world. Having been living in multicultural city for more than a decade, I truly believe that the longer we know a person, the easier it is for us to see that person, who he or she is; also, the faster it is for usContinue reading “Where Is The Equality? Where Is The Support?”

Be Yourself! But, Don’t Take It Too Far

If we were to ask those, who have successfully made a name for themselves online in this digital era of social medias, “How did you obtain your success?” They would probably say to us, “Just be yourself, because there is no other human being, who has the singular voice like yours.” A piece of goodContinue reading “Be Yourself! But, Don’t Take It Too Far”

Figure Skating & Water

I just re-watched Patrick Chan’s spectacular performance at last year’s Figure Skating World Championship in Paris, France. I couldn’t help but be blown way again by the elegance, classiness and strength of this sport. In North American culture, figure skating is still considered as a feminine sport in the mind of many people. The charmingContinue reading “Figure Skating & Water”


Survey is an effective means to determine the pattern and tendency of a particular group of subject. It is also a stereotype and generalization producing tool. Quite often, the preferences, opinions, and interests of a small number of people can, through survey result, be blown out of proportion and become representative, in mainstream medias, ofContinue reading “Survey”

Spectacular Versus Low-class

Female singers of different generations have long been trying their hardest to be the sexiest on stage. Have you ever wondered why just a few of them are considered to be spectacular, while many are described as low-class, acting in a sexually suggested manner? A judgment as such is usually based on how these femaleContinue reading “Spectacular Versus Low-class”

Look Beyond

When we see an interracial couple, we see colors. When we see parents with their baby, who is of a difference race, we see colors. Do we all have the capacity to look beyond the race and skin color? The answer is yes. Although race and skin color are personal traits that we notice firstContinue reading “Look Beyond”