My Pimples Have, Once Again, Taught Me A Life Lesson

My pimples have, once again, taught me a life lesson today. The life lesson is that eating a healthy diet doesn’t mean that we will never suffer from skin irritation or acne. What a healthy diet does, instead, is to help us minimize the possibility or reduce the frequency of getting it. A happy relationshipContinue reading “My Pimples Have, Once Again, Taught Me A Life Lesson”

If You Think About It, You’re Half Way There

I love Paris. Have never been there, but I keep telling everyone I meet how much I am in love with it. Maybe it’s the unfamiliarity with the city that intrigues me. Maybe it’s all the clichés and postcard classiness about the city that attract me. Maybe, it’s just maybe my curiosity that makes meContinue reading “If You Think About It, You’re Half Way There”

Rest Your Racing Heart

Rest your racing heart! It races, because you let it know that you are feeling insecure of who you are; It races, because you give it hint that you are worried about your lonely life; It races, because it can feel your concern of being left behind by the world; It races, because it keepsContinue reading “Rest Your Racing Heart”

Take A Rest

As I lie here in bed, I come to grip with my lack of inspiration to carry on the tasks in hands. Sometimes when we are in the trenches of creating something new, we hustle and hustle in order to get our goals achieved and to get things done. Although daily consistency is needed, smallContinue reading “Take A Rest”


I quite often don’t know what to do in front of couples, who indulge in an intimate moment of theirs in public. Growing up in an environment, where people in my close circle never display overly affectionate exchange of loving in front of others publicly, as an adult, I become easily embarrassed whenever I comeContinue reading “PDA”

Season Of Real Test Of Self-love

Do you really appreciate you for who you are? Do you really love being yourself? Now the weather is warm and humid, your love for yourself is being put to the real test. If you are one of those people, who feels jealous of some random stranger in the public, because the physical attributes ofContinue reading “Season Of Real Test Of Self-love”

Different Kinds Of Love

There’s a difference between truly loving something and loving the idea of owning something. When we truly love something, there’s an inner resonance that we feel with that particular thing that we desire. This kind of inner resonance pushes us to go for whatever we love, giving our all along the way to make itContinue reading “Different Kinds Of Love”