Environmentalism Of The Mind

“Studying technology is like ‘environmentalism of the mind,’ the writer Clive Thompson says. Indeed, Sherry Turkle likens the perils of digital media to climate change: The upside is immediate, the worst problems are far off, and the industry lacks the incentive to change.

Another popular analogy compares digital media to the food industry. ‘Just as the food industry manipulates our innate biases for salt, sugar, and fat with perfectly engineered combinations,’ Tristan Harris writes, ‘the tech industry bulldozes our innate biases’ for things like social approval and novelty-seeking. He hopes consumers will demand more mindful technology as they did healthier foods.”~Danny Funt, CJR


“Good relationships come not from being sincere and authentic but from the rituals we perform within them. Influence comes not from wielding power but from holding back. Excellence comes from what we choose to do, not our natural abilities. A good life emerges not from planning it out, but through training ourselves to respond well to small moments. Transformation comes not from looking within for a true self, but from creating conditions that produce new possibilities.” –The Path, What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life

One Opinion In A Sea of Thousands

Have you ever been told that you are too ugly for something particular that captures your heart? Maybe not… maybe not in such a harsh language. That being said, I think that all of us have been told by some stranger, families, friends, even our inner self, at some point of our lives, that we are not good enough to realize a dream that matches our heart’s desire. What do we do then after being reminded unexpectedly of our “incompetency”? Some of us may give up on our imagination; some may become content with a life of mediocrity; and some may continue to forge ahead and persevere even if the destination of whatever adventure that we have determined to embark on seems million miles away.

I came across this repost, a paragraph written by Meryl Streep, last night on Facebook. Her words of confession were inspiring and resonating with every string in my heart.


Whoever judges us on face value, and says we are not good enough for something that we are after wholeheartedly is just “one opinion in a sea of thousands.” If we keep on believing in someone else’s bias naively, we will be drowned in time by smallest tide that nature has ever produced. The ocean is vast and full of richness and wonder. We never know what the next tide may bring. In times of rejection, let’s force ourselves to stand up straight in order to let the smallest tide pass by our feet unaffectedly.