Hanging On By Strings


Certains de nous travaillent à l’intérieur tandis que les autres travaillent à l’extérieur. Même si la majorité de nous se donnent complètement à nos propres travaux, la vie nous traite différemment. Pour ceux et celles, qui font vivre ses families en travaillant à l’extérieur, la vie est dure. Cela dit, ils n’ont pas d’autres choix que de se continuer à faire face aux duretés de la réalité. C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?

Sea Sight


Many people long for a life in the big city. All the bustling and hustling create a kind of tangible excitement, which can easily get a small town boy or girl filled up with hopes and dreams. Big city dwellers, who have gotten used to the noise of all those bustling and hustling, long for an escape in a small town-a serene sight, where they can rekindle with their peace of mind.







Pinned Down


As kids, we learn to internalize an identity that’s imposed on us. As adults, we learn to externalize our sense of belonging with objects or beliefs that define us. Identity is not a concept, which is rigidly static. As we gain in maturity, many of us will come to the realization that our immediate environment and individual life experiences have much more influences on us, as a person, than our racial and cultural backgrounds combined.