L’odeur Villageoise

La vie ne me paraît qu’aussi simple dans le village. Il n’y a pas de flux des gens, qui sont en trains de se ruer dans les différentes directions. L’odeur villageoise ne me fait nostalgique à qu’une époque, où j’étais un garçon, qui n’avait pas encore eu de la chance de m’exposer au monde d’extérieur.Continue reading “L’odeur Villageoise”

Airport Seconds

My journey has no end and my life has no plan. I thought I had amassed a huge amount of wisdom to lead a life of content but only to find out that I was no more than an average Joe, who was struggling to find his way. Many people are walking past me. SomeContinue reading “Airport Seconds”

April’s Day

On this April’s day, snowflakes are falling down incessantly. They are like tears of the Mother Nature, lamenting over not only the inescapable passage of time but also the imminent arrival of an unknown start. Starting afresh isn’t like a walk in the park. Starting afresh under a teary sky is even harder-not knowing whatContinue reading “April’s Day”

Different Circumstances=Different Decisions

People make choices. Oftentimes, the decisions that people make are determined by the different circumstances that they are under. My lived experiences and others’ life stories have REALLY made me look at the limits of human capacities differently; whether or not the saying, such as if we can dream it we can achieve it, isContinue reading “Different Circumstances=Different Decisions”


Through the gap of space and time, I was able to catch a glimpse of your presence. We both might have been too nervous to hold a steady look, and too preoccupied with our assumption of all the cases of worst scenario to show each other any interest. We refocused our lenses, took a deepContinue reading “Gap”

What Was Once…Is No Longer The Case

What was once foreign will eventually become familiar, what was once taboo will eventually become normal, what was once intimate will eventually become distant, and what was once stagnant will eventually become active. Things are always changing. Every ticking sound of a clock notifies us the vanishing of the past and the arrival of theContinue reading “What Was Once…Is No Longer The Case”

Is Santa Real?

Is Santa real? If there was never a man, who would shower good kids, around the world, with gifts of their preference during the holiday seasons, why then do parents keep making their kids believe in someone, who has never been in existence, for centuries? Why do parents buy the gifts, put them under theContinue reading “Is Santa Real?”

One Of The Life’s Conundrums

Many people look to street corner, in the open air, for intriguing discoveries. There are also many people, who look to street corner, on the inside of a public space, for shelter and protection. Lately, I have noticed more and more socially and financially disadvantaged people, who have sought out a warm corner in theContinue reading “One Of The Life’s Conundrums”