Propel Forward

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Exercising not only helps us develop and strengthen our physical endurance, but also; more importantly, it helps us balance out our internal emotion and toughen up our psychological muscles.

When we are in a bad mood, instead of turning to alcohols, cigarettes or other addictive substances for rescue, we should get our body out of the lazy rocking chair and put it to work on a treadmill machine. As we propel forward by peddling, as we sweat out the emotional toxin, and as the sight of a hardworking crowd in front of us uplifts our spirit, we will gradually be free from the self-created and self-deprecating idleness.


The Brain

The brain is a powerful tool that we use to think, to imagine, to sympathize with others, to find out and remember who we are, individually, culturally, professionally and spiritually. The brain is a place, where we archive the concept of oneness, which we will rediscover slowly with age that our individual, cultural and professional identities don’t make us any superior, inferior, or separate from the man or woman sitting next to us, because we are all very much alike, with the similar needs and wants.

We use the brain mainly to think and to reason. Based on a study conducted by researchers at UCLA, average person has more than 48 thoughts per minute and 70,000 in just one day. Since we spend a lot of time using the brain to generate thoughts, I can’t help but wonder what kind of thoughts we are having. Are our thoughts self-motivating or self-deprecating?

Our thoughts create our reality, not always, but often. If we want our tomorrow to be more spectacular than today, we’ve got to learn to use the brain more efficiently to serve us in a healthy manner.