Clogged Drainage Pipe

My parents always teach me that I should strive to have a task well completed at the first try. Otherwise, the costs and energies required for the completion of the task would increase.

Yesterday, a maintenance staff of my building came to my apartment to help solve the leakage problem at the bottom of my kitchen sink. After all the pulling, pumping and fastening, he was able to stop sink from leaking by replacing the old drainage pipe with a brand new one. While picking up his tools off the floor, he said to me, ” It is done. Have a good day.” I thanked him. He left.

Came dinnertime, I was washing fruits and veggies under the running kitchen tap water. I noticed that the waste water just sat in the sink, going down the pipe so slowly as it were one drop at a time. The newly replaced drainage pipe was clogged.

It was an unexpected situation. A bit frustrated by the scene of a whole sink of still, waste water, I went down to the building basement and filled out another maintenance repair form to request further assistance. At 9:10 AM this morning, two building staffs showed up at my apartment door. After I let them in, within 10 minutes, the kitchen drainage system was unclogged.

Had the building staff of yesterday been more detail-oriented and given a bit more time to make sure that his work was properly done, he would have saved his two colleagues a lot more time and energies today.

A Teenage Girl

On my way to the gym this morning, I walked past a neighborhood high school, where students were on their way out, after having picked up their report card. I was walking behind a pair of students. Before we even exited the campus, one of them lit up a cigarette and started puffing it incessantly.

As someone, who never finds the lifestyle of a smoker or a drinker cool and alluring, I always wonder how someone, who’s into that kind of lifestyle, can carry on with his or her daily living normally, knowing the amount of toxicity that he or she has voluntarily deposited on the inside of their body. Why did they pick up that habit in the first place? What makes a smoker so courageous that he or she proceeds to puff that cigarette, after having looked at the horrifying image of a smoker’s lung on the cigarette package?

Will this teenage girl regret her today’s decision to puff that cigarette in twenty years? I wonder.

Excessive Questioning

One of the usual occurrences in my foreign language class is that some students love asking the why and the how to the extreme. They are overly interested in knowing why an adjective is used to describe a noun, and how an adverb is made to compliment an adjective. Their excessive curiosity in knowing the bits and pieces of everything makes the professor stunned, not knowing what to say. When incident as such happens, I always think in my head ” Come on guys, we just have to accept and take the fact and the rule for what they are. Although asking questions should be encouraged; however, at times, knowing too much information won’t necessarily contribute to the learning process.”

There are times in life, where we just have to get on with the tasks at hands, without raising too much doubt or complaint. Leaders’ orders are there for us to follow. Rules and formulas are there to guide us. Questioning excessively the why and the how can only cause drama and annoyance, tainting the obedient and hardworking image that the questioner intended to create.

I Listened To My Inner Voice Today

It has been so humid in Toronto these days. I know that summer season has officially begun; but still, we are only in the month of June, the humidity in the air has already made me sweat like a melting ice cube on the move.

This morning was no exception. While preparing my assorted fruit smoothie and salad for the day, I found myself getting increasingly irritated by the stickiness that I felt under my armpits, in between my thighs, basically any parts of my body, where skin contact was possible. As my irritation was on its way up, I seemed to hear a voice coming from inside of my body, telling me to ” slow down. Do one thing at a time.” Upon hearing this advice, I intentionally slowed down my pace. Immediately, I felt that a significant amount of irritation that I felt minutes ago had gone. The instant, inner relief not only lightened up my mood, but it also helped me cool down my body temperature.

It is said often that we should respect our gut feelings and listen to our inner voice. I certainly did this morning. It made me feel good afterwards.


Lengthy Marinating Time

Mom called me, over the weekend, to ask me for instructions on how to use the light ash brown hair dye that I bought for her, due to her inability to understand all the steps of the coloring process written in English. Earlier in the day, she had attempted to cover up her newly grown white roots with a hair dye in black; unfortunately, had gotten an uneven coverage that she didn’t like.

Over the phone, I translated to her, in details, what needed to be done, including the color processing time, for her to achieve the color that she saw on the box. “I have to wait one hour and forty minutes before I can wash my hair? Man, that is such a long time!” Mom couldn’t believe the length of processing time on the instruction sheet. I proceeded to explain to her that different types of hair required different processing time. For her hair to be lightened up to several shades, that lengthy amount of processing time was what was required. Mom took in my advice, accepted the reality, and carried on with the task at hand. At the end, she got the result that she was looking for.

I don’t know much about hair. Everything that I told my mom over the weekend was a direct translation from the instruction sheet included in the hair dye box. One thing that I do know is that, at times, to achieve a desirable result, it takes longer time for all the components to marinate perfectly together.

IPhone Users & Their Tech “Baby”

Are you an iPhone owner? If you are one, you surely understand how horrifying it is to drop your iPhone to the ground. When it happens, It is like letting your baby slip through your fingers accidentally. The guilt and regret are immense when you see your miniature, tech “baby”, lying flat, lifelessly, on the ground.

Am I exaggerating about dropping an iPhone? No! Am I being overly dramatic about the whole incidence?  No! Am I being overly protective of an iPhone when I cover it up with layers and layers of transparent, plastic protective gear? No! We all do it. Perhaps not all, but most of the iPhone owners do it.

Since most of us, iPhone owners, do it, which raises the question, why? Aside from having common sense about being careful when it comes to protecting our valuables, the reason why we are being the overprotective parents that we are with our tech “baby” is due to the monetary costs that associate with it.

While there is nothing wrong to take good care of our own valuables, what we must realize is that over-protection doesn’t prevent unexpected incidences from taking place in our lives. Human baby is meant to have scratches and bruises. By the same token, our tech “baby” is destined to have the same experiences.

An Old Literary Art Form With A Modern Twist

I was at a panel discussion last night. The subject of discussion was ” is the rise of poetry slam hurting or helping with the traditional poetry scene in today’s world?”

There were three invited guests on the show, whose positions were for, neutral about, and against the poetry slam. The guest, who was against the poetry slam made some “interesting” comments that I just couldn’t forget.

According to him, people, who are into poetry slam, are not cultivated enough. If they were asked to name a few of the greats in the poetry scene, they would not be able to come up with any. He also thought that the works of participants of poetry slam were too confessional. In his choice of words, “the participants of poetry slam are too narcissistic. They don’t know how to use words, comma, and period. They lower themselves to the level of the audience, versus The greats always use their words to seduce the audience and elevate the audience to their level.”

Surely this person was good with his words. That being said, I couldn’t help but be made to laugh at the self-centreness and self-righteousness that he exhibited throughout the debate. At one point, he proudly announced the fact that he once spent more than seven years, working on just one sentence. And, before he started to read his own work, he repeated over and over again that the poem that he was about to read was inspired by his muse, his girlfriend, who was also in the studio with him.

I cringed. I cringed at the fact that this self-proclaimed cultivated artist and writer couldn’t notice the narcissism that he personified so vividly. What’s wrong with poetry slam? In my opinion, it is a good and an attractive way to get people interested again in a literary art form that’s been around for a long time.

There are so many different formats to writing poetry. Poetry slam can be considered as one of them. It can be seen as the modern, popular and accessible one. It is no better or worst than the standard one, which is privileged with high regard, composed of words that are too complicated for most people to comprehend at first glance. They all have own merits.

For someone, who writes poetry only in traditional format, to say poetry slam is not poetry is just like for a classically trained musician to say that pop songs are not songs. Quite often, art or a literary discipline in its most accessible form is what brings in the money. It is what bridges the ancient with the new. The pop, modern and accessible format of a literary art discipline is what makes the ancient invention relevant in the modern era.