Au revoir 2016


Au revoir 2016, c’est la dernière soirée que tu n’es d’ici qu’avec moi.
Tu m’as tant changé tout au long de ton séjour, et Je n’en suis pas sûr s’il était pour le meilleur ou pour le pire.

Au revoir 2016, c’est le temps de partir pour toi. En ayant voyagé avec toi, j’ai exploré la pénétration de réflexion et aussi vécu l’imprévisibilité d’existence humaine.
Tu m’as tant donné, 2016. Bien que mon cerveau soit rempli des incertitudes en ce moment; les doigts croisés, je pourrais me récolter les fruits de mes travaux au futur.

Au revoir à toi. Bisous!


Some people are beautiful. We crave for their attention, their touch and their promises to a point, where we are willing to give upon ourselves just to be included in their little universe.

Some people are not so beautiful. For vanity reason, we might even purposely dissociate ourselves from them. Although their physical presence doesn’t stir up our desire; however, their words of wisdom and gesture of consideration do. They do so in a way, which outlasts an instant of infatuation.

If you had the choice, which one would you go for?

Christmas Eve 2016

Another year has come and gone. Many of us have learned to go with the flow. We can’t help but ask ourselves at times, “what have I learned by being in sync with life?”

At year end, we like to reflect on what has come to pass, because we are made to believe that only through retrospection can we avoid making the same mistakes in the brand new year so that it would be a better one than the last.

Life is a mystery. Fruitless dreams have made us aware of the insufficiency of one’s sole effort in trying to materialize one’s desired reality. Cooperation is needed for a spark to shine and understanding is the basis of a long lasting co-dependency.

In the last few days of the year, thoughts of melancholy and aspiration fill our heads. We let go of the inevitable, while getting ourselves ready to embrace the unknown. Circle of life continues and we don’t have a say in determining how it is going to unfold.