A new day ushers in a new life, and its subsequent new experiences. Some newness is carefully designed, while others can only be described as life’s surprises. Either one can be both exciting and tormenting; when it all comes down to it, it all has to do with our own personal perspectives.

How Many Times Can One Introduce Oneself?

How many times can My name is…be used before it is exhausted to the bone?

We may get tired of doing the same thing over and over; however, the necessity in the doing, at times, forces us to put up with the incessant repetition in order to finish the tasks at hand.

Tell me about yourself can be the simplest yet most challenging question there is. Its simplicity lies in the fact that any random words thrown together can easily conjure up an image of who we are in the mind of others, while its challenging nature is influenced by the precariousness of the hastily assembled words, which may or may not paint an accurate portrayal of our authentic self and what we are capable of personally.