A Praising Dilemma

Can we dislike and like a person both at the same time? We may not like the offensive rhetoric and out of bounds personal beliefs of a person, can we still have admiration for his or her qualities of being a hard worker or a good parent?

This is the conundrum that I am dealing with. A dilemma that I am currently in.

Earlier this morning, I watched CNN town hall meeting with Donald Trump, while munching on a crusty pastry and sipping on a cup of instant coffee. The town hall meeting was a love fest through and through; a fifty minutes long, public showcase of praise for and glorification of the man in the center spotlight, the Donald.

I don’t agree with Trump’s rhetorical contents, nor am I in line with the righteousness of his personal viewpoints; that being said, I do have admiration for the fact that he has raised his children well, all of whom are so well-spoken, capable, and in support of their controversial father unconditionally, regardless of the HUGE amount of offensive languages that spewed out of his mouth.

Out of his five kids, Donald’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, really is a stand out. Not only is she an eloquently educated speaker, but she is also a clever strategist, whose ambition and diplomatic nature are clearly evidenced in the decisions she has made and represented by the personal stance that she has taken in relation to her father, her businesses, and her relationships.

“No drug, no alcohol, and no cigarette” are the three Nos that Trump has repeatedly reminded his children of throughout their growing years; a simple yet sound advice that exemplifies what kind of father that Trump was and is to his kids. While considering him a good father, I still find words and actions of the Donald, during this presidential campaign season, outrageously intolerable and inconsiderate.


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