Blind Gossip

I discovered a Blind Gossip website yesterday. It is a celebrity gossip site that aims to expose and report, anonymously, the secret life of the rich and famous.

The “blindness” nature of this site protects the site creators, as well as the scoop providers from potential lawsuits and other legal troubles, served by the accused protagonists in these blind gossip stories. Had it been designed and done the other way- in an overt, easily identifiable manner, the site would have been shut down a long time ago.

Initially, it was my curiosity that prompted me to read a few stories on the first page of the site. It is, precisely, because of the hidden nature of those stories that made my reading experience more intriguingly enjoyable.

I am curious, as we all are; after all, human beings are born with this innate desire to learn about the unknown-a genetically part of our predisposition. Thanks to our curiosity, human race, as a whole, has made an abundant amount of progress, inventions, and discoveries that other species on Earth can only dream of. On the other hand, it is also due to this curious nature of ours, we cannot help ourselves but get into each other’s private business, by generously offering unsolicited advice, while hurting ourselves, intentionally and unintentionally, along the way.

Curiosity, one of the psychologically pushy urges of ours, which can be employed to either discover the world out there or invade the world within.

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