Moodiness Of Life

Does future seem less intimidating to us once one of our worst nightmares has been realized? Do we become more brave as a result of our being pushed to confront one of the worst case scenarios that life unveils to us?

I think so.

We become more courageous to put up with the moodiness of life, as a result of our experiencing past hurt and bruises; the intended results that life has in mind for us, both of which tend to derail our expected trajectory that none of us could have predicted it when we were young and free. In a way, our new found courage is a derivative of our sense of loss and felt numbness, which are not only triggered and exacerbated by setbacks that we had lived through, but have also contributed to clouding up, temporarily, our prospective visions and personal horizons.

Many wise men believe in the power of free will; a concept, which entails a reality, in which as human beings, we have the power to make decisions that will help shape our lives, based on our longing and liking. As wonderful as it is to be reminded of the power of personal choices, I can not help but also think of the very reality, in which I lead my life; some of my decisions are made out of free will, while others are made out of choicelessness.

Can we have it all if we work hard? Realistically speaking, I don’t think so. For those, who believe in and preach, incessantly, this fantasy-like best case scenario, I have begun to think that they all belong to the privileged one percent, whose daily existence is out of touch with the one, in which the majority of global citizens dwell. Although life is not all about amassing goods and richness; however, even if ambition and desire were to be coupled with and backed by the power of strong work ethics, a having-it-all kind of thinking still remains so far removed from the achievable possibility of the daily reality.

Life throws us curve balls all the time. At times, I just want to yell at it, “Stop trying to toughen me up already! Can I have a break, please?” One of my worst case scenarios in life has become a reality. In this reality, I am certainly less intrigued and frightened by what will come next, at the same time, more determined to showcase, unapologetically, and hold onto, tightly, what is truly dear to my own existence.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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