Blond Ambition

Have you ever heard of “Brunette Ambition”? No? Me neither. Why? Because a term as such has never become popular in our social discourse. What about “Blond Ambition”, have you heard of it? Yes! Me too, because it is so widely popular in the culture at large, not only in the West, but also in the East.


Through this term, what’s obvious is the celebration and worship of one type of beauty, the Caucasian one. As much as it is preached nowadays that all beauties are worth of being celebrated, there is only one specific type of beauty that has the universal appeal, that is the one, which is predominantly made up of blond hair and blue eyes.

At times, it seems as though as long as someone, who is born with a head of blond hair or a pair of blue eyes, he or she is instantly the most attractive one in the room. Those, who are gifted with these physical attributes, know the reality full well. How do I know? Because they flaunt them proudly in all types of traditional media, on all types of socially interactive, digital platform, and in the nicknames that they choose for themselves, such as Blue-eyed babe or hunk.

“Blond ambition” references to people, who aren’t born with those Caucasian physical attributes, whose desire is to be a member of the universally celebrated kind. In their trying to conform to a singular beauty standard, they voluntarily devalue their self-worth, while submitting themselves to a racial hierarchy that explicitly subordinates their naturally born physical attributes overtly.

On one hand, I understand one’s motivation of wanting to be a blond; on the other hand, I despise one’s idea of wanting to be an ambitiously fake blond. I am torn.

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