What Was Once…Is No Longer The Case

What was once foreign will eventually become familiar, what was once taboo will eventually become normal, what was once intimate will eventually become distant, and what was once stagnant will eventually become active. Things are always changing. Every ticking sound of a clock notifies us the vanishing of the past and the arrival of the future.

The past can turn into the future at a second’s notice. Yet, the aspiration of shedding the old beliefs to make room for the progressive ones usually takes more than a second to be actualized. Quite often, months, years, and even decades are what is needed for the entire metamorphic process to be completed, and its impact to be deeply ingrained in the social fabrics and cultural tapestry.

I remember as a young teenager, I was made aware by the adults in my life that living together before marriage was a no-no. Dating entailed only hand-holding on a romantic outing, and perhaps, just perhaps, if situation allowed, some loving cuddling and gentle kissing. Any additional stimulating physical contact was considered to be taboo and inappropriate. Now, let’s fast forward to this moment, where I am writing this post. Having been living as an adult by myself in a different country for more than a decade, what was once considered by some in my proximity as taboo is no longer the case. In this different environment, people in a romantic relationship are almost, and always encouraged to trial run everything that is involved in a marriage life before officiating their lifelong commitment to their spouses on a piece of paper. People are to do, with their partner, more than just the simple canoodling, sex is also expected on the trial run agenda.

There is nothing wrong, according to some experts, necessary to have basic understanding of our partner’s sexual compatibility, in comparison to ours, in advance. That being said, the hard-to-shed stigma attached to sex still silences many of us from treating this subject apologetically. No matter which society we are in, regardless of our cultural background and how much of an advocate we are for a healthy sexual life, our memories of the old-schooled perception of sex still hold us back from fully celebrating it openly.

Most of us have no trouble discussing violence and being exposed to the gun-shot scenes every other ten minute on our screens; yet we feel uncomfortable, or should I say, ashamed for tackling any sex related subject, and swearing every once in a while. Sex is an integral part of us, but violence is not. Without sex, human cannot survive. Without violence, human can live on and potentially enjoy a long life. Maybe, it is time to let go of the past, by readjusting our viewpoints.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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