Men & Long Johns

It is still cold in Toronto today. Having just walked from St. Lawrence Market to YMCA located Yonge and Grosvenor, my nostrils are filled with sticky liquid that can easily make me suffocate from the lack of supply of oxygen.

Last night on BBC Radio London, there was an interesting discussion about men wearing long johns. According to the radio host, the reason why many men do not like to layer up sartorially during the cold winter months is because they do not like to be considered as wussy.

Really? We are now in 2016! If you are a man, who still subscribes to this archaic way of thinking, then you deserve to be considered as wussy.

The layers and layers of clothes that one wears on a minus ten day do not diminish his masculinity. The amount of sun screen that one puts on his face before he steps out into the sun does not make him less of a man. To the contrary, the self-care that he has given himself demonstrates to others that he is secure of who he is, as well as that he is a responsible adult. Masculinity will never be smartly asserted by wearing just one layer of clothing on a bone-chilling winter’s day. In fact, trying to appear tough and manly on the outside can make a man come across as idiotic and self-centered.

Always prioritize the need to be safe and warm over any inclination to be tough and sexy during the winter months.

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2 thoughts on “Men & Long Johns

  1. I used to live in Chicago and often contemplated wearing long johns for the trek to work. There was a lot of waiting around on outdoor train platforms. I never did wear them though because the prospect of changing out of them once I got into the office was too much.

    I’m less afraid of being a wussy than I am of putting in a quick costume change.

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