What Has Come To Pass

There are a few major themes that run through every story that takes place in the human society-love, hate, jealousy, happiness, conflict, revenge, and celebration. The characters may change, but the major themes just get recycled over and over.

What has come to be known as news are just storylines of yesteryears, which are played out by different actors, at a new location, perhaps on a bigger or smaller scale. What is being discussed in the Hot Topic segment of a daily talk show are the same questions but phrased and posed differently, of which have already been debated by some other on-air personalities many times before. How often do we get to see something that is truly new and fresh?

I live for newness and freshness, because the surprising thrill of it energizes me. Maybe, I should learn to live by and accept daily repetitiveness; after all, many events of today are just replicas of what has come to pass.

Published by Robbie's Blog

I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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