Back To The Routine

Today is January 4, 2016. In this post-holiday period, everything is getting back to its pre-holiday routine. Today is also the first, extremely cold day of the winter. Walking in the street, it is inevitable to come across people, whose faces are bruised by the minus twenty-five weather into a color of deep purple.


Many people do not like to protect their skin; in particular, men, due to the stigmas attached to men and skin care. Skin is the largest organ on our body. We take care of our heart and lung; as educated adults, why are some of us so reluctant to take care of our skin? Is it due to laziness? Or, is it due to our insecurity of our masculinity?

I still remember my first Canadian winter in 2000, shortly after I moved to Toronto. I did not know what Vaseline was then. Sitting in my dormitory room and noticing the dry spots on my skin, while feeling the pain surging up beneath them, it was safe to say that was a period of little discoveries of the ordinariness.

How were your holidays? Were they filled with joy and presents? Mine was not extraordinary after all, because I did not really put much effort into celebrating the holiday spirits at the end of 2015. That being said, mine was not deprived of surprises; one of which came, unexpectedly, from Hong Kong all rolled up in a chic black box with a golden Christmas tree on the lid.

Holidays are gone and yet to come. Some memories are stored and yet to create. Whatever the future has in store for us in 2016, I just wish that we could be given more opportunities to live a life of our desires.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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