My Sense Of Luxury

I was watching JacksGap videos on a Boxing Day morning in Toronto. Jack Harries’ well-produced traveling vlogs really intrigued me. From Europe to Asia, from Asia to North America, his personal traveling video diaries made me really want to be a part of his globe-trotting entourage.

A sense of genuine admiration was awakened in me as I was watching Jack’s journey. I longed for the same kind of luxury that he was given.

In my opinion, luxury is not narrowly defined by one’s financial gains and acquisitions, but it is also, at times more importantly, measured by the one’s physical mobility, birth rights, legal privileges, and opportunity to simply be an authentic person as desired. As for now, I do not have same kind of luxury as Jack does. The only way for me to have a mere taste of what it feels like to be in his shoes is through watching various videos online.

My family and I define luxury differently. Although the baseline of what makes a luxurious life remains the same; however, I have branched out from their concept of a life of comfort. My family members speak one language, live in one culture, and interact with the people from the same ethnic background for their entire lives. To them, having a well-paid, stable job, a well-organized home, and good health are what constitutes their sense of luxury. I speak five languages, having traversed and immersed in a few worldly cultures, my sense of luxury is no longer in sync with my parents. It can no longer be contained within the borders of just one country and be represented by my family’s worldviews.

I desire to travel the world with the simple act of purchasing a round trip plane ticket, and live in a city, a country that I cannot wait to wake up to smile at the ordinariness that everyday life offers.

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I am a third-culture person who's navigating his way around Hong Kong and beyond. Come join me on this rollercoaster ride.

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