Perceptions, Not Facts

Is first impression everything? Yes, it pretty much is in this era, because first impression; or rather, others’ perception of us, can either help us start a career or make us become the face of stereotypes that are narrow-mindedly fabricated on the basis of our ethnicity, gender, class, or other variables. People do not like to self-proclaim as being judgmental; that being said, society as a whole, we do judge; otherwise, how are we still able to come up with, year after year, People Magazine version of the Sexiest Men Alive list, where it features almost entirely white men?

In the eyes of the men of color, at times, it seems like white men have it easier in life than non-white men do. On the surface, it seems like they enjoy more privileges. Evidence: No matter where they go in the world, they can always see a face that looks like theirs on TV, on billboards, and on magazine covers, and no matter where they travel to in the world, people would often assume them to be filthy rich and powerful, due to the fact that their skin color is representative of a once global empire, whose colonial legacies and historical importance have continued to dominate the world. Modern time Hollywood’s obsession with white men’s masculinity and ideal of romanticism have made them the center of universal desire. Many men of color want to be like them, and many women of color want to be with them, because of being accompanied by a white man, in certain regions of the world, is a symbol of stature. All things considered, it almost seems to me that, when it comes to playing with and flaunting the race card, white men have nothing to lose, until I discover and read through a poll, which was released in Britain just a few days ago do I begin to change my perception on this racially privileged group.

According to a YouGov Study, young, white men in Britain are the most derided group. They have the worse reputation, of which includes lacking in ambition and manners, taking drugs, being promiscuous and so forth. Although the polling company stresses that they are only testing public perceptions, not facts; however, the poll does tell a story. A story that shows, perhaps, the hard work that men of color have put into improving themselves individually, socially, economically, and politically has gradually changed the British public perception of them, and the race relation in Britain, though a few conventionally stereotyped ethnic groups are still prominently featured on the most derided list.


While I am chuffed for the slight improvement of the British public perception of men, who are not white in British society, I do wonder what we all can do with a list as such in our own little universe. Should we continue to be divisive racially and laugh at the deteriorating public perception of the young, white British men? Or, should we (both men and women) unite to improve collectively our world as one, in every sense of the word? I would hope that we choose the latter. I would hope that while it is impossible not to pass judgement, we should strive to make a more informed one with heard spoken words and observed actions so that any preconceived notions of ours, concerning the others, can be altered and broken down in time.

No one wants to be considered as the most derided group ethically, socially, culturally, and politically, because it is an unflattering title to wear. Oftentimes, we are made victims of the public dismay by circumstances that are out of our control; this is a reality that does not get spoken about enough and fairly.

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